Visualisation and Other Methods of Expression

Granddaughters Beware!

An intergenerational case study of managing trust issues in the use of Facebook

Why Should I?

Cybersecurity, the security of the state and the insecurity of the citizen

Practice makes perfect:

Motivating confident privacy protection practices

Trap Hunting:

Finding personal data management issues in next generation AAC devices

Online privacy and consent:

A dialogue, not a monologue

Exploring Privacy:

Your privacy and the internet - Festival of Social Science, 2010

Collaging and Clowning in Middlesbrough Station:

VOME and the Festival of Social Science 2011

Making Digital Technology Research Human:

Learning from clowning as a social research intervention

Community-centric engagement:

Lessons learned from privacy awareness intervention design

Not so Liminal Now:

The importance of designing privacy features across a spectrum of use

Increasing Service Users’ Privacy Awareness by Introducing Online Interactive Privacy Features

Service Users’ Requirements for Tools to Support Effective Online Privacy and Consent Practices